Delphi Music Group was in Havana, Cuba for cultural and musical experiences with new family and friends.

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Delphi Music Group has received its trademark and publishing rights from the United States Patent & Trademark Organization.

Inspired by early R&B legends of the '60s and '70s, Songwriters and Producers at Delphi Music Group grew up emulating soul music. Cultivating a new sound by mixing the old with the new along with technical and experimental approaches to creating music has lead to a distinct sound with its performing artists.

Producers at Delphi Music are also involved in theater, television,  video game, and Hollywood movie soundtracks.

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Delphi Music Group has submitted original track recordings to Sony Pictures for an upcoming feature Hollywood release.

Mexico City, Mexico

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Delphi Music Group appreciates its family and friends in Mexico.



Delphi Music Group

Havana, Cuba



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